RedTachyon FX Platform
Trade Forex & Bullion as Fast as you can!

RedTachyon FX is fast growing technology provider offers leading trading, connectivity
and analytical technology for Forex/Bullion trading technology solution
We are committed to provide a reliable light weight, low latency but cost effective solution to our clients.

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Liquidity Bridge

Provide your liquidity to a global network of FX brokers with our ultra low latency connections to F-proton Hub.

  • Ultra-light weight server side plug-ins
  • Capable of processing 1000’s of trades per second
  • Complex order routing capabilities to level of accounts, symbols, order types, time frame, LPs, etc.


  • Flexibility to implement your desire modular feature such as advaced order type , slippage allowance, custom pricing base

  • Support alternative apporach of lock / net position
  • Liquidity Aggregation

  • Liquidity Aggregation features to combine pricing from banks, non-banks and ECN providers
  • Provide the optimal liquidity pricing model to enchance your trading environment
  • RedTachyon FX Platform

    RedTachyon FX's modular product suite that can be configured to
    adapt to your firm’s specific requirements and existing configuration.

    • Ultra Low Latency

      RedTachyonFX developed proprietary object orientated database with micro-second CRUD operation guarantee our bridge and OMS latency < 1 ms per order. Enchanced slippage control also ensure price received from various LPs align with the latest optimal price available over the market.

    • Trading Mobility

      State-of-the-art platform enabling secure and encrypted access to real-time, ad-hoc, interactive Forex trading anytime and anywhere – from multi-window desktop terminals to iOS and Android mobile devices.

    • Risk Management

      RedTachyon provides powerful risk management tools, enabling brokers to manage client exposure across all platforms as a consolidated book

    • Expand into new Asset Class

      Foreign exchange, metals, index and single stock CFDs and other margin trading products are all supported by RedTachyon Fx Bridge

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